HRM is the strategic approach to nurturing and supporting employees and ensuring a positive workplace environment.

The dashboard provides a comprehensive overview of the organization’s activities. It displays key metrics and performance indicators, including employee attendance, leave status, project progress, and more.

Employee Setup:
This feature allows HR administrators to add new employees into the system. It includes setting up personal details, job roles, departments, and other necessary information.

Manage Leave:
This feature enables employees to apply for leave, and managers or HR to approve or reject leave applications. It also keeps track of the leave balance for each employee.

The attendance feature records and monitors employee check-in and check-out times. It can generate reports for individual employees, departments, or the entire organization.

HR Admin Setup:
This feature allows HR administrators to configure the system according to the organization’s policies. It includes setting up leave policies, work hours, public holidays, and more.

Resource Settings:
This feature helps in managing and allocating resources for various projects. It includes tracking resource usage, forecasting resource needs, and identifying bottlenecks.

Each of these features is designed to streamline HR and project making the Must BuildApp a comprehensive solution for managing organizational resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Resource Management in Must BuildApp allows you to manage your construction materials, labor, and equipment efficiently.

Quality and Safety Management in Must BuildApp ensures that quality standards are met and safety protocols are followed.

Human Resource Management in Must BuildApp streamlines HR processes and manages your workforce effectively.

Customer Relationship Management in Must BuildApp improves client relationships and drives sales growth.

Accounting Management in Must BuildApp manages your business finances with ease.

Contracts Management in Must BuildApp manages your contracts effectively and efficiently.