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Must BuildApp’s Project Planning with Dynamic Dashboard is your gateway to efficient and collaborative construction project management.

Project Dairy

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The concept of 'One Data for All Users' saves the environment, time, and prevents data loss, increasing productivity and profit.

Resource Management


The process of planning, allocating, and managing resources, including personnel, equipment, materials, and finances, to complete construction projects successfully.

Contracts Management


A construction contract is an important document as it outlines the scope of work, risks, duration, duties, deliverables and legal rights of both the contractor and the owner.



A quality management system is the most important element in ensuring consistent, high-quality output for your construction company.



A method which is used to control safety activities in order to ensure a safe working environment in the construction site.



CRM refers to the principles, practices, and guidelines that an organization follows when interacting with its customers.



A strategic approach to managing and nurturing business relationships with key customers or clients.



HRM is the strategic approach to nurturing and supporting employees and ensuring a positive workplace environment.

Internal Support System


An Internal Support System is designed primarily to serve the needs of employees within an organization.